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Along with being one of Lendermon Sports Medicine’s longest standing patients, Bob is a nationally ranked senior badmitton player and although Bob is on the “north side of sixty”, he and his partner have won multiple state and national titles in senior doubles. To keep his knee symptoms at bay, Bob benefits from regular checkups as well as yearly synvisc injections. Congratulations Bob! We are truly impressed!

Dr. Laura Lendermon

Dr. Laura Lendermon

Dr. Lendermon attended the University of Tennessee Physical Therapy School and then also went on to attend the University of Tennessee School of Medicine, graduating in 1996. Dr. Lendermon completed her residency at the American Sports Medicine Institute in Birmingham, Alabama. She holds memberships in the American Association of Sports Medicine and the Tennessee Academy of Family Practice. She is also a devoted runner and participates in many marathons in cities including New York, Boston, and Chicago.

Dr. Laura Lendermon

Dr. W. Murray, DPM

Dr. Butler is a foot and ankle surgeon and graduated from one of the top surgical residencies in the nation. He will be a fantastic addition to the LSM team. His specialty is Sports Medicine of the foot and ankle, but he is well trained to handle any concerns you may have ranging from orthotics to surgery. Dr. Butler and his wife Erin, a Memphis native, have a fearless, fun-filled three-year-old son Cole and a beautiful one-year-old daughter named Jordan. Dr. Butler enjoys running, biking, fishing, hunting and about any sport he can play or watch.